Detroit Lawyers Handling Injuries Caused By Poor Roadway Maintenance

If you have suffered a personal injury on a street, highway or sidewalk, you might be entitled to compensation from the state, county or city responsible for maintenance. Michigan municipalities have defined tort immunities from lawsuits based on carelessness or negligence, but there are exceptions. A knowledgeable lawyer who is experienced with protecting injured persons' rights against government bodies can help.

At Romano Law, in Southfield, our attorneys know what it takes to pursue the compensation you deserve, and we have a comprehensive understanding of the laws relating to governmental tort immunities. We take the time to listen to our clients and to craft their cases with respect to their particular situations.

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Serving Your Needs In Street, Highway And Sidewalk Defect Claims

Timing is a critical element in cases against any municipality. It is important that you contact an attorney immediately, take pictures of the scene location and gather information from witnesses, including contact information and testimonies. Whether you are a pedestrian, cyclist or motorist, you may have a case even if you are partially at fault.

To claim negligence or carelessness of a municipality, you must submit a notice letter, stating your intent to file a lawsuit. The assistance of an attorney is crucial because any failure to include required elements or to file within the short time period allowed can cause your claim to be rejected by the courts.

Romano Law attorneys are familiar with and successfully represent clients in cases involving improved roadways and sidewalks:

  • State and county claims: Must be something wrong with the street, highway or sidewalk surface. Typically, signage and lighting claims are ineligible.
  • City claims: Any street defect or defects in sidewalks adjacent to public surfaces or roadways. This includes raised concrete, holes, potholes or anything that has caused a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident. Public sidewalks do not include parks.

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